• Australian Sandalwood Billet

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      Sandalwood Billets are traditionally used to be ground or shaved down as desired. The powder or shavings then can be used for numerous purposes:

      • Worship
      • fragrance
      • bakhour (perfumes smoke or perfumed incense)
      • havans (ritual offerings)
      • paste (tilaka in Hindu celebrations)
      • medicine, skin care and cosmetics.

      Santaleuca Sandalwood Products is unique in that we bring you Australian Sandalwood Billets direct from renewable farm forestry plantations in Western Australia’s south west. Buy local, straight from the growers.

      Our Australian Sandalwood Billets are rich with the natural, unique and relaxing scent of Sandalwood Oil that is ever so popular all over the world.

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    Australian Sandalwood Billets are pre-cut to the approximate following dimensions:

    2cm x 2cm x 20cm
    Each piece weighs 60-80g.

    Buying up to 6 pieces will cost the same in postage (under 500g). Stock up on your Australasian Sandalwood Billets today!

    Weight .80 kg
    Dimensions 20 x 2 x 2 cm

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