• Sandalwood Scented Eye Pillow

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      Our Santaleuca Sandalwood Shavings come in 2 sizes: 100gm and 250gm bags (as seen to purchase below).

      These silky smooth, re-sealable Scented Eye Pillows are designed to contain Sandalwood Shavings for mess-free use throughout your home and car.

      One 100gm bag of Shavings is sized to fit into the pillow, and a 250gm bag will give you three refills.

      Uses for the Eye Pillow are; relaxation, meditation, spiritual wellbeing, known soothing qualities, car freshener, indoor freshener (including wardrobes), religious ceremonies.


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    Sandalwood Scented Eye Pillow features:

    • Washable
    • concealed velcro
    • heat to release scent (microwave not recommeneded, instead use sunlight, over a slow combustion oven, in water over an oil burner)
    • can be used for smoking meats
    • can be used in our exclusive product, the Electric Sandalwood Burner.